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Our story

Momento Mori - remember you must die


Tracy's a mortician. Trish is not.

Together we are passionate about educating people about death, a subject that few people want to talk about and so many people fear.


And while we can't do anything to ease the grief of losing a loved one, through our YouTube channel we aim to remove some of the fear of the unknown and provide a safe space for people to ask the questions that they don't feel comfortable asking anywhere else.

While our banter isn't always serious, with our good mate Kal by our side we discuss the most taboo of topics always with the highest respect for the deceased and their families.

We are so grateful for the supportive and encouraging comments from the many subscribers who have, over time, become good friends. Our dream is one day to meet some of these lovely people as we build our channel and continue to take a good hard look at death from inside the mortuary.

One day it will affect every single one of us - our hope is that when this time comes people are informed and relaxed, instead of afraid and panicked. Your purchase will help support us in our cause.


T&T xx

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